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Impact of DTC on LIC's Business planning the family in india
This book contain the new tax system(Direct Tax Code)implemented in India how it will affect to the Insurance sector especially in India Life insurance corporation of India is larger insurance company in India so its compare with the various policy of that company and the preference of the customer for various policy for the tax saving instrument in India as Direct Tax Code implemented in India will make lots of change in the preference of customer for selecting the product of tax saving instrument.
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Newspaper coverage of dowry in India, 1999-2006 planning the family in india
The historical origins of the modern dowry system in India can be traced back to the 1800s, when dowry meant a collection of clothes, household items, furniture and cattle voluntarily given to the bride by her family at the time of marriage. However, in some parts of modern India, the traditional practice of dowry has lead to cases of domestic violence.The bride is often harassed and abused when the dowry amount is considered insufficient. This abuse could worsen to the point when the husband or his family kills the bride. This study employs three different methods to understand the newspaper coverage of dowry in India— first, the study examines the “peak periods” to ascertain the pattern of coverage. Second, with a sample of 4,058 articles the study examines the prominent frames used by newspapers. Third, with the help of interviews of journalists from the same newspapers, the study examines the factors that influence the way these frames are created in the first place. Results show that in general, the driving force of this coverage is marketability of the stories. This is implied by the overall coverage as well as the responses of journalists.
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Demand for family planning service among young women VCT clients planning the family in india
Integrating reproductive health services, particularly family planning with HIV/AIDS services such as voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) is vital in preventing unintended pregnancy, reducing number of AIDS orphans, preventing vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. As there is information gap on family planning (FP) demand of VCT clients, it is difficult to determine the extent of demand and provision of FP service need of VCT clients. Thus it is essential to determine the extent of demand and provision of FP service in VCT settings as well as the possible opportunities and dispute of integrating FP service with VCT.
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Retail Business planning the family in india

Retail Business

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Retail Business planning the family in india
Retailing encompasses the business activities involved in selling goods and services to their Customers for their personal family or household use. Retail is one of the India’s largest industry, has presently emerged as most dynamic and fast paced industry with several players entering the market. It accounts for around 10 – 11 per cent of the country’s GDP and the retail industry is growing at a rate of 18 – 20 per cent per annum around eight per cent of the employment in the country. Now–a–days, in India a rise in the purchasing power, and growth of a middle class which follows the Western lifestyle. Hence conditions are conducive for the rapid growth of organized retail in India. This book studies the problems and prospects of retail sector in India
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The Value of Succession Planning and Management planning the family in india
Revision with unchanged content. The study offers a framework for placing value on succession planning and management in a business organization and investigates the unique features of succession planning and management in foreign-owned companies in the U.S. Four major themes emerged from the research. The companies considered their succession planning and management as corporate key strategies and established multiple objectives. Although, the level of sophistication of succession planning and management varies, implemen­tation of a succession planning and management program follows four phases: initial, assessment, development and evaluation. Identification of measuring items for a suc­cession planning and management program resulted in two categories: measurement of succession planning and management in process and measurement of its outcomes. The implication of the study suggests possi­bilities for several models and approaches, including expanding succession planning and management vertically by implementing technical succession planning, applying balanced scorecard approach in evaluating succession planning and management, and use of a contingency matrix in global succession planning and management. The book is addressed to professionals and practitioners of HR and who are interested in measuring the value of succession planning and management.
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Interplay of Test Anxiety And Self Concept in Indian Adolescents planning the family in india
Being a teenager has never been easy. Growing up in the new millennium amidst unprecedented prosperity seems to have become more trying than ever for Indian teens. If drugs, alcohol and firearms are the routes to self destruction in the west, its exam stress, inability to cope with disappointments in India. The rapidly changing social, political and economical scenario in the world has not left Indian family untouched. It is going through structural and functional modifications that have a bearing on adolescent’s socialization and parent child relations. Weakening of social support from kinship, movement of women empowerment, exposure to media, increasing competitive demands and higher standards of achievement are a few that have changed the family dynamics in the recent past Amidst all this turmoil, while the outward form of family is changing, Indian family has the advantage of its heritage with well defined value system related to social relations and prescriptions of the ideal way of life. Teens in India thus have a family as an ‘anchor’ as an institution that supports them to cope with alleges of transition to adulthood therefore, having a potent role in influencing teens.
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Social Change and Reproductive Behaviour in Rural Bangladesh planning the family in india
The study attempts to explain changes in reproductive behaviour of rural women of Bangladesh that has occurred at a time when the country was predominantly poor and agricultural. Three different areas were studied, using time series analysis, and changes measured by demand for additional children and current contraceptive use. The findings show that demand for no additional children was generated prior to the fertility decline and that the family planning programme helped to mitigate the demand for fertility control modifying supply logistics since the late 1970s. Reproductive behaviour of women is strongly affected by biosocial and cultural factors related to patriarchal social structure. Desired family size in all three areas were similar prior to the fertility decline of the 1980s. It was lower than the fertility rate and is probably affected by prior improved survivorship. During the period studied, desired family size reduced equally in all three areas. With this same level of desired family size, an efficient Matlab Family planning programme successfully reduced fertility from the mid 1970s, while high fertility in the other two areas began to decline from the 1980s.
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Michael Cole A. More Than Money. A Guide To Sustaining Wealth and Preserving the Family planning the family in india
A new, more comprehensive approach to long-term family wealth management More Than Money provides a high-level, integrated approach to preserving both financial resources and family harmony. Research has shown a failure rate of 70 percent in long-term multigenerational wealth management, and contrary to popular assumption, only five percent of that failure is due to bad investment, poor tax planning, or inadequate performance by legal and financial advisors. The number-one reason family wealth management fails is the family itself; poor communication, lack of trust, divergent visions, and a failure to prepare succeeding generations will tear down the resources the family has worked so hard to build. Traditional wealth management cannot fix this. Instead, this book offers a fresh approach that integrates strategic and tactical wealth management to align the family’s assets with the family members. With helpful tools and advice drawn from a real-world understanding of family complexities, you’ll improve your ability to preserve your family’s resources over multiple generations. With an expert’s perspective on the real forces behind successful family wealth management, this book provides a clear model and a practical roadmap for long-term financial preservation. Develop a shared family vision and mission Improve communication and trust among members Merge strategic and tactical planning Ensure the longevity of your family’s wealth The wealth management sphere tends to focus on taxes, investments, banking, and estate planning, but little thought is given to the people themselves—this overlooks the fact that individual family members are the most critical factor in multigenerational wealth management, and fails to provide solutions. More Than Money merges traditional strategies with family dynamics, communication, governance, and preparation to help your resources last for generations to come.
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Adolescents & Parent’s Knowledge & Attitude Towards Family Planning planning the family in india
Approximately 2 million adolescent women in developing countries undergo unsafe abortions each year,3 and a third of all women seeking hospital care for abortion complications are under age 20. For young women who undergo unsafe abortion, short-term health problems can include infection or injuries from the procedure itself, such as a perforated uterus, cervical lacerations or haemorrhage. Keeping in mind this, present research was conducted to know the adolescent's attitude towards Family Planning & Birth Control (FPBC).
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Diversity of Grasses in Balaghat District, Central India planning the family in india
The Gramineae (Poaceae) is the most widely distributed and is in greater abundance than any other group of flowering plants. Species belonging to this family are usually known as grasses. Grasses are distributed in various climates, Soils and elevations on the surface of the glove. They have been recorded in marshes, deserts, prairies and woodland, on sand, rock and fertile, alpine and saline soils from tropics to the Polar Regions and from sea level to altitudes of perpetual snow. In the present study, We did taxonomic survey of grass species in Balaghat District of Central India. The grasslands of Central India got immense importance because these hold highest tiger population in the world and consequently a large number of deer species like spotted Deer and Sambar.
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A Study of Child Work in India and Selected States planning the family in india
Child labour represents a fundamental abuse of child rights and a violation of international as well as national laws. It is often performed at the cost of education which has detrimental effect on the accumulation of human capital. Moreover, there is a complete dearth of research in India which utilizes the large scale sample survey and explores the issue of child work and school attendance at a greater depth. In this regard India’s third National Family Health Survey (NFHS-III) conducted in 2005-06 has collected for the very first time an extensive data on child work which has been utilized in the present study. The specific objectives of the study are to describe the pattern of child work in India and selected states, by type and hours of work and by background characteristics at individual, parental and household level. Clustering of child work in a family by socio-economic factors and further, association of child’s schooling and work status and factors associated with work activity has also been examined. The book is particularly useful to the academicians, professional and policy planners working on the plight of child labourers in India
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Nicole Avery Organise Your Family. From Chaos to Harmony planning the family in india
Family life can be chaotic— whether you have one child or five. Organise Your Family will show you how to introduce routine, plan your meals and get the family finances in order. Learn how to organise your family chaos and have time left over to actually enjoy being a parent. Nicole Avery is the master organiser behind popular blog ‘Planning with Kids’, where she shares tips and tricks to organising the chaos of family life.
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Outlook of Banking industry planning the family in india
Indian banking system has well developed organization in the country. Entrepreneurs and creative thinker were established the most of the banks in India. In the pre –independence era, they provided financial support to the farmers, business community, traders and industrialists in India. At present, largest commercial bank in the country is State Bank of India. . Banking sector in India has seen lots of positive developments in the last decade. The policy makers in India have made lot of efforts to improve the regulation in the banking sector. The banking sector evaluates positive results in growth, profitability, non- performing assets, credit risk and funds management. In this scenario, some of the banks have recognized innovation and growth aspects. Banking industry in India has to strengthen them to support to the Indian economy.
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The role of aggregate planning in supply chain planning the family in india
Aggregate planning is an important method in supply chain management to increase competition and customer services in the market. Supply chain management information systems are the information systems between companies that employ information and communication technology to arrange information inside and among the participator of a supply chain such as clients, sellers, providers, and distributors. The goal of this research is to designing and developing an information system, for implementing aggregate planning methodology; to make decision about production, outsourcing, inventory, and backlogs in supply chain. This research presents a method for implementing aggregate planning throughout information system which contributed to reduction in costs. The model can combine optimal baseline inventory level, production planning, and distribution planning together in an aggregate planning in order to overcome the shortcomings and constraints of the classical linear programming model.
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Development of Integrated Renewable Energy System planning the family in india
The gap in demand and supply of energy can only be met by optimal allocation of energy resources and is need of the day for developing countries like India. For the socio-economic development of India, energy resource allocation at the rural level is gaining importance these days. This book is all about development of Integrated Renewable Energy System (IRES) in rural context, which aims at optimal resource allocation, thereby reducing dependence on commercial energy and reducing associated environmental hazards, and opening new avenues for employment generation. The methodology described here is applied to a rural region in Rajasthan, India. The work demonstrates new approach in Micro-level energy planning, for successful realization of renewable energy based projects and could easily be adopted in other developing countries.
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Wildlife Of Chandoli National Park, Western Ghats Maharashtra, India planning the family in india
The content of this book is the first preview of Chandoli National Park, located in Northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. It comes under one of the world heritage sites from India. It depicts the status of wildlife diversity (tetrapoda), conservation and management practices of Chandoli National Park during the decade of 2000 to 2010. This publication will be act as case study of the Chandoli National Park and will be helpful in planning the strategies of management in future to enhance the conservative practices and to flourish the biodiversity. The data of this book is a baseline data, which help the other researchers of the same area.
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