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The Glass Lake the glass lake

The Glass Lake

827 RUR
The Glass Lake the glass lake
Kit McMahon lives in the small Irish town of Lough Glass, where everyone knows everyone; children who walk to school together grow up and become sweethearts and marry, people gossip and grumble and dream their lives away. For it is a place where change comes slowly. Until one day, beautiful, mysterious Helen McMahon disappears, presumed drowned in the lake, and then the gossip runs wild. The consequences for Helen's husband, her son, but above all for her daughter, Kit, are unimaginable and will leave not one of their lives unchanged.
827 RUR
LAQ Summer and The City Deep Lake - Лак для ногтей, тон 10277, 15 мл the glass lake
LAQ Summer and The City Deep Lake - Лак для ногтей, тон 10277
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The Lake Gun and Other Stories the glass lake
The Lake Gun is a satirical short story by James Fenimore Cooper fi rst published in 1850. The title of the story comes from a mysterious loud exploding sound coming from Seneca Lake, called "The Lake Gun" by European American settlers to the area, and known today as the Seneca Guns. These sounds remain unexplained to this day, with no clear or agreed-upon cause.
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